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Deep Fried Turnip Pastry

If you, like me, have the mentality of ‘seafood’ and eat it, plus a constant craving for Chinese cuisine, then Long Teng is going to tick all your boxes. 

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Located in Business Bay’s U-bora Towers, the restaurant offers an insight into China, with three floors full of interiors, treasures and trinkets, paying homage to the restaurant’s homeland. With floor to ceiling windows and open kitchens throughout, the ground floor is ideal for those popping in for a quick bite. Climb the spiral staircase and you’ll arrive to floor one, a space that hosts the famous Yum Cha Friday brunch as well as the restaurant’s private dining spaces, which my sources assure me are fully booked most nights of the week. Jump into the elevator and you’ll arrive at the top floor – the interiors host a myriad of tables offering views over Business Bay and Burj Khalifa (this is where we sat for supper) whilst the exteriors play host to an open-air roof terrace where you can enjoy shisha, hot pot or traditional Chinese tea, while taking in the panoramic views.

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Since quietly opening in mid-2017, Long Teng has fast developed a reputation for authentic Cantonese, becoming increasingly popular amongst the Chinese community – in fact, I have often been recommended this exact eatery by Chinese friends and clients who have named Long Teng as the best Cantonese in town. From the ornate, intricate presentation of even the simplest dishes to the hands-on and efficient staff, who are available to answer every and any question or query.

The menu is extensive and slightly overwhelming at first, however the trusted team are great at pointing you in the right direction, depending on your tastes and spice levels. Showcasing a mixture of traditional and modern Chinese fare, the restaurant has quickly become known for their freshly prepared live seafood specialties (this was made quite obvious from the very beginning, as you enter the venue and see giant tanks housing fish, lobster, crab, shrimp among other unusual sea creatures) and their dim sum, mostly designed in the shapes of chickens and swans. They have a team of 30 highly trained Chinese chefs who are passionate about creating complex flavoured dishes with a modern flair and they also informed us that all food is freshly prepared, sourced locally and organically from the UAE region – two more big ticks for us.

Starting with a selection of cold appetisers, we began by digging into steamed chicken with spring onion, black fungus with vinegar and a cold platter with Chinese dates, walnuts and quail eggs. Black fungus might not sound it, but this little dish was actually delicious (and not what you’d imagine from fungus) whilst the chicken, topped with crispy skin, reminded me of a cold duck pancake.

Steamed Chicken with Spring Onion

Dim sum was up next, starting with the steamed prawn dumplings and prawn and red rice Cheung Feung, before rolling onto the famous deep fried turnip dumpling (dressed as a swan) and the Chicken Xiao long bun packed full of rich, piping hot juice. With the fried turnip coming out on top, this was joined by crab meat with enoki mushroom soup, which sadly in my opinion lacked flavour and offered a rather sloppy texture.

 Steamed Prawn Dumplings Steamed Chicken Xiao Long Bun Hot&Sour Chicken Soup Deep Fried Turnip Pastry Crab Meat with Enoki Mushroom

Mains turned things back around though, with the roasted beef Long Teng style and the steamed scallops (in their shell) with garlic and noodles hitting the top of the charts, we also indulged in a plate of tender stir fried asparagus, fried rice with mixed seafood and a sizeable sweet and sour chicken. The only disappointment was the deep fried live lobster which to be honest, would have tasted better minus the layers of batter.

 Sweet & Sour Chicken Stir Fried Asparagus Steamed Live Scallop with Garlic & Vermicelli Roasted Beef Long Teng Style Deep Fried Live Lobster with Salt & Pepper

We ended with some fresh baked egg tarts and in addition to sticky rice with red bean and then proceeded to be rolled out of the restaurant.

If you are unfamiliar with Chinese cooking, start with the Yum Cha Friday brunch – the perfect way to get acquainted with the cuisine. Inspired by the age-old Chinese tradition of dining on delicious dim sum while sipping on tea, this gives you the chance to try some of Long Teng’s most popular dim sum creations, including classics such as xiao long bao, vegetable dumplings, siu mai, xia jiao, spring rolls, char siu bao, turnip puffs and cheung fun (rice noodle rolls).

For more information, please visit https://www.longtengseafood.com/

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