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One of the most anticipated openings of the year so far, Morimoto, Dubai’s newest Japanese restaurant has taken the city by storm and we now understand why. Under the leadership of Chef Masaharu Morimoto, the internationally acclaimed celebrity chef known to millions as the star of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, Morimoto Dubai is his first venture in the UAE, following a procession of very successful international restaurants. Located on the 23rdand 24thfloor of the newly opened Renaissance Downtown Hotel, we were super excited to get stuck in and try Morimoto’s distinct culinary style – a mix between Western and Asian flavours combined with Japanese techniques.

Known for his trademark ponytail, Chef Morimoto whose eateries can be found in Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Bangkok, has opened a space full of experiences. Its expansive interiors comprises of 250 seats as well as a lounge, large bar area, teppanyaki station, sushi counter, three private dining rooms and four outdoor terraces, all with stunning views of the canal, skyline or Burj Khalifa. The immaculate yet vibrant space boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, filling the interiors with natural light and showcasing the Dubai skyline at its very best.

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Having appointed an expert team of specialist Japanese sushi and teppan chefs hailing from Morimoto restaurants around the globe, Morimoto Dubai offers a seasonal and ever-changing selection of seafood, sourced from markets around the world, including deliveries directly from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji and Fukuoka fish markets – the sushi was definitely a highlight and not to be missed.

Picking where to sit (for first timers especially) is maybe one of the hardest decisions you’ll make all night. Opting for the teppanyaki counter, we were left in the capable hands of two Japanese chefs, both of whom had plenty of teppan tricks up their sleeves. The menu had us salivating from the word go with the sushi and sashimi tickling our fancy to start. The sashimi selection, for example, extends beyond the usual salmon and tuna to Japanese salt-water eel and unagi – the eel and avocado maki rolls were a particular favourite.

Bridging the gap between Masahuru’s native Japan and an American palate, the Teppan selection was fascinating. We had a Japanese take on the traditional Caesar Salad, an Asian infused Bouillabaisse (cooked for 5mins only in a cellophane bag) that was simply outstanding and a spring roll, which tasted just like a cheeseburger – a dish so tasty, I could have eaten at least 10! From there, we dined on Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s signature wagyu steak and salmon fillet cooked with a hollandaise sauce infused with yuzu – a faultless experience from start to finish, there was nothing to not like about this Dubai newbie.

The icing on the very impressive cake came in the form of a black forest mousse accompanied by a cocktail topped with parmesan – if that isn’t creative cuisine I am not sure what is.

For more information, please visit http://www.morimotodubai.com

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