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Like Italian food? Yes? – keep reading and prepare to feel hungry! The arrival of Luigia has been nothing short of exciting, and I for one was eager to try out the new Italian restaurant in Rixos Premium on JBR. 

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With 4 successful Luigia venues already dotted around Europe, the much-loved Italian restaurant places an emphasis on authenticity, simplicity and quality. Recognised by Gambero Rosso as one of the top 10 pizzerias in the world, this award-winning Italian restaurant, founded by Luigi Guarnaccia and Enrico Coppola, is really as good as they say it is! 

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It’s definitely not a small space, but with a collection of different tables and chairs in all heights, shapes and size, the restaurant doesn’t feel too empty, even if only a few of the tables are full. There is a large bar that covers one side of the restaurant, and an open kitchen at the back where all the pizzas are made. I would definitely say Luigia is family-friendly, however, one of its many attributes is that it still feels like a place you would happily go on a date, or hang out with friends.

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One of many new openings at the Rixos Premium Dubai, which is fast becoming a hub for foodies in the area, Luigia is best for its pizza and pasta dishes – that being said, they make a mean salad and we loved their buratta. Boasting ‘authentic Italian home cooking’, Luigia makes their pizzas with naturally fermented homemade dough that sits for 72 hours prior to service. This special dough coupled with their premium ingredients is what makes their pizzas so darn tasty!

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To make their pizzas that extra bit epic, they also use unique and delicious Italian tomatoes, including the tomatoes Vesuvio piennolo – The Vesuivio tomato is a tomato variety grown exclusively on Vesuvio volcanic area. Recognised as a traditional food product of the Campania region. We tried the Burrata pugliese con «zuarina» dop with Parma ham and believe me when I say it didn’t disappoint!

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For starters, the Burrata is a MUST and we also loved the Polpo Grigliato – a plate of grilled octopus with spinach salad, fennel, black olives, tomatoes and lemon.


The pasta and risotto selection is second to none – definitely try the Risotto Caprese with Carnaroli rice, burrata pugliese, tomato sauce and basil or the traditional Spaghetti alle vongole with  clams, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

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Finish with their addictively creamy Creme Brûlée – it might just be the best one I’ve had in Dubai.  If you really want the best experience, then make sure you are looked after by our wonderful waitress Bojana – not only does she know EVERYTHING about the menu, she has superb recommendations and is super friendly. From family reunions to business lunches, a catch up with friends or a first date, Luigia is a home away from home for Italian enthusiasts looking to enjoy honest home cooked food, served in the simplest of ways.


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For enquiries, please email info@luigia.ae or call 0585696985.

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